Youth Initiative Nepal We wishes our treasurer,
Mr. Pradeep Parajuli, a very Happy Birthday.
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Youth Initiative Nepal Youth Initiative Nepal updated their cover photo.22.05.2016 at 02:42 pmLike
Youth Initiative Nepal We are proud to partner with Glocal Pvt. Ltd. for Glocal Teen Hero!
This is the second year of the first ever program designed to recognize dedicated, passionate and innovative teenagers so as to encourage teenager initiatives in Nepal.

The overall objective of this initiation is to bring out the teenagers who are doing something from the shadows and create a ripple effect of motivation and a lot can be done by anyone in Nepal and also to appreciate, recognize the teenager.

Login to www.teenhero.glocalkhabar.com and apply!
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Youth Initiative Nepal Calling for Enumerators!!!
Apply if you want to volunteer and travel to rural Nepal at the same time. Please send an interest letter and your CV at info@youthinitiative.org.np by 27th of May 2016.
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Youth Initiative Nepal Smart Club is happy to collaborate with AIDIA in conducting a guest lecture on "Political Environment of Nepal for Economic Prosperity" by esteemed Mr. Jay Nishant.

We would like to welcome everyone to join the amazing session of Smart Club starting from 8 in the morning tomorrow 21st May 2016 and join the second session with Mr. Jay Nishant.

Smart club, one of the programs of Youth Initiative, is a youth-run , youth-led leadership skills development platform for improving public speaking ability for open minded, passionate individuals who wish to better understand the world and be catalysts for positive social change.
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Youth Initiative Nepal Youth Initiative is proud to present you the National Youth Assembly (NYA). In the coordination and initiation of AYON, the umbrella organization, we are pleased to call applications for the assembly. NYA will be a forum for more than 500 youths coming together to discuss about various pressing issues of the country such as post constitution political transition, peace, reconstruction and other themes relevant to youth and development and find voice & constructive roles of Youth. The assembly will also include YouthFest, a festival of music, art, ideas and lot more.

Event Date: 27th May 2016.
Apply today and share: http://bit.do/NYA-Application
The deadline to Apply is 21st May 2016.
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Youth Initiative Nepal 207 people of Ghyangphedi VDC, Nuwakot. were supported to obtain citizenship card and enroll name in voter registration list .
Ghyangphedi VDC of Nuwakot which is geographically largest and backward VDC of Nuwakot, where Tamang and sherpa community lives and most of them communicate only in their mother language. it is just 55 km far from Nuwakot headquarter Bidur but due to its remoteness and difficult road access, having a single bus access a day during winter, it is very difficult to connect. Literacy rate is very poor, from this VDC only 44 people passed in SLC till date and is highly sensitive area of human trafficking.
During the earthquake in April 2015 it had badly affected Ghyangphedi VDC taking lives of 83 people and all houses were damaged. One of the advantages is that few adult were found capable enough to write their own names through empowerment programs by different government and non-government programs. Secondary level schools is only equipped till class seven, resulting into class repetition more than twice in seventh grade.
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Youth Initiative Nepal Story teller are coming soon in a community to share struggling stories of Mangali Chaudhary VDC secretary of Bhawanipur VDC, Nepal and other interesting character.Youth Initiative Nepal shared Youth Votes for Change's post.17.05.2016 at 06:53 amLike
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Youth Initiative Nepal YI would like thank everyone for the overwhelming response. As per the request, we have selected 15 instead of 12 people for the participants. Please stayed tuned for the next session.09.05.2016 at 08:58 amLike
Youth Initiative Nepal Youth Initiative (YI) conducted a consultation dialogue with Political Youth Leaders of five different government colleges on the topic "Possibilities and challenges of local election and role of youth" on 6th of May 2016 at YI's Youth Resource Center. The objective of the program was to understand the perception of the political youth on the topic. This will help YI to develop more programs on how to create infrastructure for the local election and how to ensure all the youth of diverse sector endorse that too. We look forward to continue this discussion in every part of the country in days to come. Stay tuned!!!
The program was initiated by the interns of YI Mr. Sangharsha Aryal and Mr. Manang Subba.
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Youth Initiative Nepal Apply for Leadership Next not exceeding May 10, 2016. Only 12 selected participants shall attend this training.06.05.2016 at 12:04 pmLike
Youth Initiative Nepal WISHING ALL OUR MOM'S A VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.Youth Initiative Nepal with Tank Khanal.06.05.2016 at 02:15 amLike
Youth Initiative Nepal What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? We advise you to look at this video.
Youth Initiative Nepal shared Influencive's video.
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Youth Initiative Nepal Wise words by a wise man.28.04.2016 at 12:15 pmLike
Youth Initiative Nepal Youth Initiative in collaboration with US Embassy to Nepal conducted a series of activities under the theme of “Empowering Girls through Soccer” in Nepal. The program started on April 4th and ended on April 8th 2016. Along with two US envoys (Lorrie Fair and Tracy Noonan) through Sports United, the program aimed to explore the situation for girls/women in the country as sportswomen and how can male play constructive role in it. The participants really enjoyed their sharing of experience as well as their expertise. Please find the link below to listen to them along with Ms. Sabeena Karki (Kantipur Television Journalist): https://soundcloud.com/sabeena-karki-359532492/world-champions-lorraine-tracy-on-capacitating-nepali-cheli?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook28.04.2016 at 09:42 amLike
Youth Initiative Nepal The best is yet to come. Always be optimistic.27.04.2016 at 12:09 pmLike
Youth Initiative Nepal On the anniversary of Earthquake (Baishakh 12) which shook the nation claiming around 9000 lives, thousands livestock, hundreds and thousand of shelters (including schools and health centers), Youth Initiative conducted an innovative program at Basantapur. A team of Smart Club (a platform of Youth Initiative to develop public speaking, debating and other personalities) conducted a shadow demonstration.

The team displayed a white cloth of length 7 by 10 feet. It was not a signature campaign but a shadow demonstration. Behind the cloth, people volunteered to express their feeling during and after the earthquake; and others could see them in front of the curtain. There were three major objectives of the demonstration:
1) To help people vent out (let out) their emotions still left a year ago.
2) To remind everyone that we still have lot to do for the earthquake survivors.
3) To symbolically pressurize the government to act quickly on it and not just leave the earthquake victims in the shadow.

While uncountable number of people observed this demonstration, 11 female and 10 male participated in the demonstration directly, Nepali and Foreigners.

Please also check the link to the picture which was taken by Gavin Gough. Thanks to Gavin Gough for the photos.
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Youth Initiative Nepal Youth In Integrity Building
“Corruption has impeded the nation” this might be our very first statement when we are to blame for nation’s underdevelopment. No doubt corruption holds a significant contribution for fostering Nepal’s underdevelopment. But had we ever thought of if citizen monitoring could act as a check and balance mechanism to reduce intensity of corruption. More importantly have we been pondering along the role of youth in mitigating corruption? Well this seems quiet competing can youths and corruption mitigation goes hand in hand?
To read the complete article click the link below:
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Youth Initiative Nepal Baishakh 12, 2072. We remember this day where youth demonstrated amazing spirit of volunteerism to rescue, provide relief to the earthquake survivor and continue working on rehabilitation. We are rising.24.04.2016 at 10:25 amLike

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